Community Resources

We offer bilingual support services for our patients; a number of our staff speak Spanish and Russian. If you need help with other languages or sign language, please let us know and we will make every effort to ensure your needs are met. WFMC has access to resources to support hearing impaired parents or patients, and provide translation for other languages with our Interpreter services. For hearing impaired patients, please see our policy and services by clicking on WFMC Policy for the Hearing Impaired.

At Willamette Family Medical Center, we offer our uninsured patients a sliding scale. Our sliding scale policy is one of the ways we try to limit the financial barrier to care, which many people in our community face. Get more information on our sliding scale policy».

Our Resource Coordinator is available to help existing patients find and obtain various social services, including help with applications for prescription medications. Please contact us for more information.

We recognize that we are not able to provide our patient’s with all of the support services that they may need. In an attempt to aid our patients and community members with obtaining social services, we have created this section of our website.

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